Feel Guilty: It Helps . . .

I crashed today. I have been overworking, for sure. Long days and few days off. I’m used to 60-80 hour weeks, but it can grind you when it’s physical work or after too many weeks in a row. I took today off and I’m taking off tomorrow, too. The trick isn’t just identifying burnout when […]

The 2 Biggest Killers of Productivity That No One Is Talking About

I should have done more. I should be much further along by now. If I wasn’t so _______, I’d be where I want to be. “Should” is probably the worst thing you can say to yourself, but we do it all the time. Its not helpful, it only makes us feel bad. This is called […]

Read This If You Feel Guilty Taking Breaks

You know the feeling. You should have been working. You might have a deadline, you might not, but you’re somehow still just plain guilty. And I’m sure you’ve heard the pitch that “taking a break is good for productivity!” Just look at the Pomodoro technique, which advises 25-minute bursts of activity before taking 3-5 minute breaks. […]