[SERIES] 5/7 Unpopular Belief: Trust Your Gut

But what about evidence? What about data? What about expert opinion? This is Part 5 of the 7 Unpopular Beliefs Series. Trust Your Gut! Expert Advice The idea here is that you’re believing in someone else’s abilities to understand your situation better than you. Sometimes that’s really helpful. In that case, you’d be following your […]

If You Feel Guilty For Taking Breaks, Read This

Do you play games in your phone? I don’t.  I would love to write the rest of this post about how I think games are dumb and just steal your attention from important stuff.  In fact, for most people, I really do believe this is true.  But I’ve just spent the past 2 days with […]

The 2 Minute Life Changing Assessment

What are your goals? Close your eyes for a minute and picture what it would be like to be there.  Be specific.  Where are you? How do your days go? Who are you with? The more specific you can be, the better.  The point is to realize that it’s these experiences that are what you […]