The Unintuitive Way A Brick Wall Can Show The Future

Lots of people can have a difficult conversation. Lots of people can go for a 4 mile run. Lots of people can overcome a fear. That’s all great. Those experiences tell us what we’re capable of. But what happens next is truly important. What happens next is how consistently we do these things. When we […]

Are You Missing Out On The Unsexy Part of Your Work

We can probably agree that the sexy part of being a leader or a business owner or a doctor or an artist or a musician is not typically the whole job. There are early mornings, bad customers, emergency surgeries, writer’s blocks, budget cuts, and furloughs. There are many unsexy parts of work that matters but […]

Everything That’s Holding You Back In 60 Seconds

There’s something calling for your attention. It’s asking for something important, that you value. It’s asking for your time and your focus. It’s asking for your energy and your intention. It’s asking for those precious limited resources we have. It’s everything. Well, it’s everything but what’s important. What’s important and urgent deserves your focus and […]