This Choice You Make Will Shape Your Success And Happiness

You know what helps when work gets hard? The team of people around you. This is why we hire for aptitude, attitude, and cultural fit. It’s always a little easier to take failures on the chin when you have others sharing the burden or when they are there to get you back in the fighting […]

One Known Route To Happiness

It’s Saturday. Most people have the day off. It’s okay if you’re working but you may want to consider getting into the flow of something completely unrelated to work. People who report being the most happy often are also people who spend a lot of time in a state of “flow.” Flow is that place […]

Surprise: You Aren’t Just What You Eat

You are what you eat. Have you heard this? Well, guess what? You are what you eat, watch, listen to or otherwise consume. This tends to make sense to most people. Garbage in; garbage out. The thing that’s weird is that you also are what you do. Did you avoid a conversation? Did you stand […]