Understand These 3 Concepts And Move On From Anything

Sometimes you just take a beating. It’s not always because of anything you can control—it’s just part of operating in a world with other sentient beings and physical forces. Pretending it didn’t hurt or avoiding the process of understanding where the pain comes from just makes it worse later on. What’s difficult is spending your […]

One Known Route To Happiness

It’s Saturday. Most people have the day off. It’s okay if you’re working but you may want to consider getting into the flow of something completely unrelated to work. People who report being the most happy often are also people who spend a lot of time in a state of “flow.” Flow is that place […]

The Secret This World-Class Drummer Used To Be The Best Without Doing More Work

Steve Smith was the drummer for Journey. He had been a drummer for most of his life and many people held the opinion that he was one of the best in the world. Smith has been on the front page of Modern Drummer Magazine and DRUM! Magazine, he has been listed in Rolling Stone’s Top 100 […]