[SERIES] 1/7 Unpopular Belief: You Should Get Rich

I light of the new year, let’s do something new. This week, let’s do a 7 part series of posts. This series will be on 7 Unpopular But Powerful Beliefs. Some of these I’ve stolen from others. Some of these I’ve developed myself. This post is about getting rich. You should get rich! And use […]

Your Way Isn’t Better For This Reason

Why are you helping those people over there? We have people right here who you could help. Have you heard this argument? I’m not religious, but aren’t we ALL “God’s children?” Stop judging people for the way they choose to help people. Where they donate, who they help, and how they help others is not […]

Is It Really Worth It If We Just Help ONE Person?

“If what we’re doing only helps one person, then it’s worth it.” I think this phrase started as a way to help motivate folks at times when all hope seemed lost. It probably helped folks get through the terrible feeling of having no feedback and no measurable results. The nerdy scientist in me just says: […]