The Glue That Keeps High-Performance Teams Together

Culture is not the ping-pong table. Culture is not the Keurig. Culture is not the ability to hang out with the people on your team after work. Somehow, this is what many people think. Culture is “Do you believe what I believe?” Culture is the alignment of core values. Culture is how we treat each […]

What Is Productivity Overhead?

Just like a business’ overhead (the costs needed to cover salaries, rent, the electric bill, etc. etc.) . . . . . . your productivity has overhead. You need to sleep, eat, exercise, play, be social, etc. etc. You will almost never get a productive output during those actions–but we can agree that they’re important […]

Your Ping Pong Table Is Not Your Culture

Let’s make something crystal clear. Company culture is NOT how many Nerf guns are in your office. It’s not about having a ping-pong table. It’s not the kitchen, the snacks, the sweet standing desks, or the Keurig, either. Company culture is how you treat each other when the work gets hard, when the environment changes […]