1 Sentence To Get Past Any Difficult Conversation With Honesty

You feel it but you don’t want to say it. You might hurt them. You might say the wrong thing. No matter what words you pick or what tone you use, whatever comes out of your mouth is going to be interpreted by the lens of the receiver. You’re allowed to try to get it […]

What Love and Respect Means In a Professional Setting

I respect and love you so much that I have to tell you the truth. There’s nothing else I can do other than give you my raw honesty. If I didn’t like you as much, it would be easier to sugar coat it and walk away. You’re not yourself. I don’t know what happened. The […]

Why You Should Be As Disloyal As Possible

I stole this tip from Derek Sivers.* I’ve heard Sivers say “be as disloyal as possible” and to “only be loyal when disloyalty is not possible.” What he’s saying is that the world doesn’t always have your back. Your company is going to make the best business decision it can, regardless of how many years […]