The Fastest Way To An Idea

The bar is low. Most people are boring, uncreative, and have a hard time thinking of others’ needs. But not you. You work harder than that. You can go out of your way to make someone feel welcome. You can go out of your way to stand out. You can go out of your way […]

How To Get Past Writer’s Block

I’ve had a few people ask me recently “how do you come up with ideas?” “How do you become creative?” There’s no cure. Just like there’s no cure for “having an idea” or “starting a company.” You’re not going to magically come up with something brilliant. But if you just start . . . Just […]

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Help Your Productivity

It’s not a tool, or an app, or a mentor. It’s not a journal, or a habit, or a thought. It’s the one thing that can keep you in check when your brain lets things slide. It’s the one thing that will have your back when you want to hit the snooze button. Truthfully, it’s […]