This Makes Huge Impact And Takes No Time At All

Here’s something that’s a little different than what I typically write:

I want to say this to you directly because you’re reading this.

You have given me a gift; your attention.

It means the world to me.

Thank you.

Today I want to express my gratitude to you for reading my work.

There are a LOT of ways to spend your time and a LOT of emails in your inbox and a LOT of people trying to get in front of you.

I just want you to know that I don’t take it for granted and I know it’s a limited resource that you’ve chosen to give to me.

This is huge.

Thank you so much for your comments, your thoughts, and your attention.

2 Minute Action

Take 2 minutes to say thank you to someone today.

Be intentional and make them know that you really mean it.

Look them in the eyes and let them feel your gratitude.

This is one of the most productive things you can do with 2 minutes.

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