Read This If You Think You Should Read This

So, you may have noticed that I started writing my subject lines a little differently. For the past few years, it’s been clickbaity headline after clickbaity headline. You know what I’m talking about. Headlines like: “One Bulletproof Way To Change Your Life,” and “The 5 Little Known Things That Will Make You 150% More Productive,” […]

Read This If You Need To Start

Why do we wait to get picked? Why does someone else have to choose us for their team? Why can’t we just start doing exactly what we want to do? The answer is that you don’t have to wait and you can start right now. Here’s a quick story as an example from my own […]

6 Tell-Tale Symptoms Of A Broken Workflow

Are any of these things part of your normal day-to-day? You are constantly being pulled in a million directions. You are constantly reacting to the “emergency of the day.” You are constantly needed for approvals and reviews. You can’t get your own work done because you are a slave to others’. You start early and […]