The Single Most Useful Productivity Hack You Can Use In Less Than 2 Minutes Everyday

Okay, I hate “hacks.” I’ll be honest. They’re usually taken out of context, oversimplified to suit every scenario, and don’t actually move the needle. This one feels different, to me. It’s a little weird, so stick with me for a sec. Gerunds. So, gerunds are those verbs that end in “-ing.” Working. Planning. Compiling. Visioning. […]

What Your Savings Account Says About Your Productivity

Of the Americans who have savings accounts, the median savings account balance is $5,200. The average, or mean balance is $33,766.49. (Citation) This means 2 things: High savings balance folks are pulling the average wayyy up by having wayyy more savings Most Americans have a few grand in the bank.  Think about that.  Regardless of […]

The 3 Questions That Will Change Your Productivity For Life

You’ve heard of Scrum, right? I used it to run a software company that helped the Department of Defense build satellite constellations around the globe. I used it in my consulting work with Johnson & Johnson. And I still use it in my work, today. Without getting into all the principles, terms and details, I […]