The First Thing You Should Do Everyday To Be Successful

The skills you need will come with time and effort. What’s more important is your attitude, your aptitude, and what you believe in. These things can be said as these questions: How will you react when things go terribly wrong? What are you capable of? What will motivate you intrinsically? 2 Minute Action It’s basically […]

How To Finally Understand Motivation and Make It Work

There’s something special about the blank page.  Pure possibility.  And even more important: it’s what’s behind the page. That’s the promise you made to fill it.  Whether your blank page is a computer terminal, a squat rack, or a sales call, it’s just as big of a promise. The only trouble is that it’s never […]

Is Being Obsessed A Good Thing?

It’s hard to make people productive or focused without appealing to their intrinsic motivation. Why would you treat yourself any differently? Follow your obsession. Doubling down on the work that you love can yield some powerful output over time. 2 Minute Action What are you obsessed with? What’s something you can’t stop thinking about? What’s […]