3 Characteristics Of Rock Star Teammates

Stop hiring for specific skills. Hiring this way almost always overlooks the three most important traits of a strong candidate. There are 3 things that good managers hire for. Of course, sometimes, you really do need a highly trained skill set. There’s just no amount of positivity that will substitute for an expertly-trained brain surgeon–but unless you need […]

What Is Version 1 and Why Does It Matter?

There’s something weird that happens when you start. It doesn’t have to make sense or be what you planned. You don’t even have to have a plan at all. All that matters is that you build something, measure results, and learn something from them. The value of this cycle only kicks in when you have […]

When Am I Going To Use This?

When am I going to use this? It’s the number one question I heard as a student, as a speaker, and as a teacher. School doesn’t teach the skills you need to be successful, it teaches the skills needed to a compliant worker. Sit for 8 hours, follow the formula, fill in the bubble, submit […]