Read This If You Feel Guilty Taking Breaks

You know the feeling. You should have been working. You might have a deadline, you might not, but you’re somehow still just plain guilty. And I’m sure you’ve heard the pitch that “taking a break is good for productivity!” Just look at the Pomodoro technique, which advises 25-minute bursts of activity before taking 3-5 minute breaks. […]

Why You Might Never Actually Take Action

You’ve been trained to NOT take action since the beginning. Procrastinating on school projects. Cramming for exams. Sound familiar? How about pushing the meeting back until next week? Telling yourself you’ll start working out once x, y, or z happens first? Well, these habits are also related to the way your mind and body work. […]


If we’re not learning about ourselves, analyzing our results, and rebuilding . . . then we are bound to make the same mistakes, relive the same embarrassments, and date the same kind of people. Learning is everything. When the light bulb goes off, we feel alive! When we discover something new, we are inspired to […]