When You Break Something Of Value

Today, it broke. It was a cheap rubber wristband that I have been wearing for the past few months. Nothing this cheap was meant to last longer than that. If you know me at all, you know that I actively try to remove excess stuff from my life–so you might be wondering why I care […]

Don’t Get Tricked Into This Habit

There are certain things that have inherent qualities. I hear people talk talk about the inherent educational qualities in LEGO toys and MINECRAFT, the block-based video game. While there are some inherent values, like helping kids develop spatial reasoning skills, most of the value is hidden from sight. It lies in the transferability of the […]

The Unlikely Lesson My Bike Taught Me About People

I just bought a new bike computer. It’s the little gadget that sits on the handle bars and tells you your speed. Anyway, I opened the box and look what I saw: Do you see this huge piece of paper? Look at the size of it compared to my bike. These are the setup instructions. […]