Understand These 3 Concepts And Move On From Anything

Sometimes you just take a beating. It’s not always because of anything you can control—it’s just part of operating in a world with other sentient beings and physical forces. Pretending it didn’t hurt or avoiding the process of understanding where the pain comes from just makes it worse later on. What’s difficult is spending your […]

8 Things School Didn’t Teach You That You Need To Know

The skills you were taught in school are mostly not that useful anymore. You don’t need to know that the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. You don’t need to know that Neptune is a gas planet. You don’t need to know that an isoscolese triangle has two sides of equal length. What you […]

This Bothered Me So Much . . . I Had To Share It

I’m up at night thinking about it. I’m working all day thinking about it. I can’t stop myself from talking to others about it. It’s the one factor that matters more than anything else. It matters more than hard work, aptitude, attitude, or background. It’s how much you care. It’s my life’s work to help […]