Everything That’s Holding You Back In 60 Seconds

There’s something calling for your attention.

It’s asking for something important, that you value.

It’s asking for your time and your focus.

It’s asking for your energy and your intention.

It’s asking for those precious limited resources we have.

It’s everything.

Well, it’s everything but what’s important.

What’s important and urgent deserves your focus and energy.

What’s important and not urgent also deserves your time and intention.

It’s those non-essential things, which makes up most of what’s out there, that will take up 80% of your resources.

You can’t do everything.

So choose what is essential to your life.

Yes, you can choose to do this–most people won’t.

Most people will let their lifestyle inflate to consume their income and then complain that they need more income to pay for their lifestyle.

But not you, you’re smarter than that.

The same goes for work and personal habits.

You get to choose what’s essential and how to focus your time.

Yes, you can.

2 Minute Action:

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Take 2 minutes to look at how you’ve spent your time (work and outside of work) over the last 4 weeks.

What is non-essential or not helping you achieve your goals?

Take this small moment to delete some non-essentials and commit for a week–not forever–just a week to see how you do.

It probably took you only 60 seconds to read this post and form an opinion.

It doesn’t take much more to take action.

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