Yes, Cheesy “Trust Falls” Help, But Not How You Think . . .

Have you ever done a “trust fall?” It’s the one where you close your eyes and fall backward. The way it’s supposed to work: Your teammate catches you, even though you can’t see them. The way it works in business and life: No one catches you. But you keep falling backward anyway. You keep falling […]

The Small Everyday Thing You Can Do To Improve Dramatically

It’s that time of year. Were getting closer to lots of consumption. Over spending. Over eating. Over working. I just took some time to review some of the things I value in my life. I wrote out a list and compared it to a list I found online. I then started narrowing my list down. […]

Should You Work Over The Holidays?

It’s definitely November. Lots of people are feeling the year wind down and are thinking about taking time off. The holidays are right around the corner and the cost of ads are going up exponentially. As you feel the year wind down and the market wind up, keep one thing in mind: You are what […]