Why You Shouldn’t Turn Angry People Into Your Biggest Fans

One of my super powers is turning any angry customer into a raving fan. The only trouble is that sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it takes all day. An important realization about this: There’s the 5% of people who won’t be happy no matter what. Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s a little less—that’s not the […]

The Core Of A Win/Win Negotiation

I needed the store to stay open for another hour. The lady at the desk wasn’t having it. She needed to close the store’s doors at 6pm and that was that. So, I asked “what would have to happen for you to stay open for another hour?” She thought about it. I offered a few […]

The Untaught Skill That Manifests Respect and Success

It’s one of the most critical skills to help you advance in any domain and they don’t teach it in school. It’s not Math, English, or Science. It’s not even Social Studies, Chem, or Business. It’s the skill that will help you negotiate with a boss. It’s the skill that will help you turn an […]