❤️This Will Change Your Mind About Valentine’s Day❤️

Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday. Valentine’s Day is a holiday for couples only. Valentine’s Day is made up and doesn’t mean anything because we should be treating each other well all year round. Fine—believe whatever you want. It’s also an opportunity to share your appreciation and gratitude for those you love. Regardless of what […]

What Is Emotional Productivity And How Is It Changing Lives?

You owe it to the people you love. You owe it to the people you respect. You owe it to the people you want to help. Of course, it’s uncomfortable. You won’t pick all the right words. You might not even make sense for the first minute or two. But it’s your responsibility to make […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be The Hero

Being a hero is sexy.  Everyone grows up wanting to wear a mask and have super powers.  The trouble is that while the idea of super-hero powers is attractive, it’s not functional.  Unless you have found a glowing vat of toxic waste and survive contact, you can probably kiss this dream goodbye.  In fact, you […]