Prove Me Wrong: All Of Life Is A Game Of Luck

You were born with a functional brain. You were born outside of a warzone. You were born as a human being with opposable thumbs. You were born right here, in this century. You were born with the desire to improve yourself and the world. You were born with enough resources to get the traction to […]

How To Survive In The Information Age

We have a TON of information at our fingertips. Some of it is true. Some of it is not. Some of it appears true but after some training, we can see it’s false. Some of it isn’t true or false. Some of it was once true and isn’t anymore. Some of it requires a lot […]

3 Quick Ways To Start Succeeding (That You Haven’t Heard Before)

Things you’ve already heard before: Work hard. Work on the right stuff. Spend every dollar like it’s your last. Start today. Things you haven’t heard before: Mimic characteristics of people who tend to get lucky and make them your mentors. Find a therapist who understands CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and hire them to help you understand […]