The One Thing That Causes More Dropped Balls Than Anything Else

For people or for teams who feel stuck or like they are always waiting on external factors to move them forward: Give yourself or your team an accountability audit. This assesses how clear your team is on their responsibilities, and where the gaps are. This is critical for pinpointing the systematic flaws that are enabling […]

Ask This Question and Avoid A Life of Regret

Not sure whose job it is? Take the ball. Unsure how to get the work done? Take the ball. Waiting for someone to tell you to start? Take the ball. Basically, it comes down to control and ownership. If you decide to take ownership over something, it psychologically falls into your field of “stuff I […]

3 Small Reminders That Will Make You Relentless

It’s easy to be incapacitated by the hugeness of your dreams. Its just as easy to be incapacitated by the lack of huge dreams. If you’re serious about achieving your goal, you have to take a step back and clarify a few things: 1. Define the fantasy Are you really sure that starting a non-profit […]