This Bothered Me So Much . . . I Had To Share It

I’m up at night thinking about it. I’m working all day thinking about it. I can’t stop myself from talking to others about it. It’s the one factor that matters more than anything else. It matters more than hard work, aptitude, attitude, or background. It’s how much you care. It’s my life’s work to help […]

Whatever You’re Doing Right Now, You’re Paying For It With Your Life

No one knows how much time they have left, but most people want to do something important. Where’s the urgency? I have an estimated count of how much time I’ve got left. I call it my “Death Bed Timer.” It’s a little scary, and that’s the point. I look at this quickly shrinking number on a regular […]

Why Your Life Doesn’t Look Successful

I recently noticed that many of my friends and family are making more money than me, taking vacations to exotic places, having babies, buying houses, and starting families.   I’m 29 and most of my Facebook Newsfeed is 3 things:   People getting married People having a baby People getting a dog   After a […]