Your Meeting Is Starting . . .

Apparently, meetings take up about 15% of a typical organization’s time  (citation)

Also, iturns out that 91% of meeting-goers day-dream, 39% of people fall asleep in meetings, 73% of people do other work while in meetings, 41% of people complain that meetings are a waste of time, and 96% of people skip meetings altogether.

In total, the current estimate is about $37 Billion (with a “B”) of salary expenses are wasted on meetings in the U.S.

2 Minute Action:

The next time you have a meeting and aren’t sure if it wilL be useful, run through these questions real  quick. This is your litmus test for productive meetings:

What would happen if you didn’t have the meeting? Would it impede progress?

Could the meeting really be an email or a Skype meeting instead?

If you have to have a meeting, can you do it in a room with no chairs?

What’s the purpose of the meeting?

Pick one of the following, and you can only pick one. If it’s more than one, skip the meeting.

• Inform people about the project

• Learn opinions or facts that will help you achieve a success

• Discuss the project and gain input from interested parties

• Pitch or approve the idea for the project

After the meeting, how will you know it was a success?

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