How Seeing The Rain Can Launch You Toward Success

You know the guy selling sunglasses on the street? Well, that guy does something smart. As soon as it starts raining, he’s selling umbrellas and ponchos. Might sound pretty obvious but there are many businesses that just don’t adapt to market conditions. The tricky part is seeing the rain. Blockbuster said: “our data show that […]

You Think You’re Output Is High, But This Will Change Your Mind

I was talking to an old friend recently, who was explaining all of the things they did inside his organization. I run this . . . I manage that . . . I monitor these . . . He went on and on about all of his responsibilities. This list was impressive. After he had […]

Is It Really Worth It If We Just Help ONE Person?

“If what we’re doing only helps one person, then it’s worth it.” I think this phrase started as a way to help motivate folks at times when all hope seemed lost. It probably helped folks get through the terrible feeling of having no feedback and no measurable results. The nerdy scientist in me just says: […]