The Best Argument For Minimalism I’ve Found So Far

Look, I’m not trying to get you to give up all your stuff and be a dish towel wearing hermit. I’m asking you to look seriously at your baggage (physical, social, and emotional) and decide what actually adds value to your life. Here’s a great example: This is a photo of a divorcing couple, in […]

[TOOL] Evernote Vs. iOS Notes

I just caught myself looking at a comparison review of Evernote and the iOS Notes app. I pay $8/month for Evernote and I have been for years. But I’ve noticed that I haven’t really used Evernote over the past few months. I had exclusively been using iOS Notes. That money is being wasted! But why? […]

How The Heck Doing Less Can Possibly Be More

My shoes were falling apart. I had holes in the sides, but I didn’t care. They worked. They were comfortable and I could use them for a lot of different activities. I kept them for over 2 years. Why? Things should add value to your life. This means replacing them when they are no longer […]