Read This If You Ate Dry Turkey Last Week

Why do we do this to ourselves every year? We say we’re going to cook it according to the recipe, but that never works. And so, year after year, we end up cooking the same dry turkey. And since we’ve been cooking turkeys for hundreds of years, theoretically since the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts in […]

6 Tell-Tale Symptoms Of A Broken Workflow

Are any of these things part of your normal day-to-day? You are constantly being pulled in a million directions. You are constantly reacting to the “emergency of the day.” You are constantly needed for approvals and reviews. You can’t get your own work done because you are a slave to others’. You start early and […]

Most People Do This And It’s Killing Them

I should have invested earlier. I should be further along on this project than I am. I should known an emergency might happen. Have you heard yourself talk like this before? It’s known as “shoulding all over yourself.” Unless there is a lesson you can learn and apply to the future, this kind of thinking […]