Don’t Be This Person

They bought the headband.

They bought the Bowflex.

They bought the water bottle.

They bought the yoga mat and the kettlebells, and the resistance bands.

But somehow, despite all this hot new gear . . .

They’re out of shape, they never show up, or they just plain suck at tennis.

Whether it’s on the field, in the office, or in your personal life–don’t be this person.

Before you “buy-in,” make sure you’re spending your attention and dollars on the thing that’s going to actually make the difference: the work.

If you can do the work, then you’ve earned the dry-fit shirt.

Don’t think for 2 seconds that the gear will motivate you to do the work.

Motivation comes from your end and it’s your responsibility.

2 Minute Action

It would take you 2 minutes to run in place, do a few pushups, or even just stretch your legs.

The day is yours.

The timer is running.

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