Prove Me Wrong: All Of Life Is A Game Of Luck

You were born with a functional brain. You were born outside of a warzone. You were born as a human being with opposable thumbs. You were born right here, in this century. You were born with the desire to improve yourself and the world. You were born with enough resources to get the traction to […]

1 Simple Way To See More Opportunities

Do you practice? Not just hobbies or things outside the scope of your work. I mean your work, too. Do you practice patience, assertiveness, and creativity? It goes without saying that if you’re not deliberately practicing, you won’t improve. So, how do you practice if it’s not a language or an instrument or a technique? […]

[SERIES] 7/7 Unpopular Belief: Be As Disloyal As Possible

Yes, we can all agree that loyalty is useful in personal relationships. But the rest of life is much more complicated. This is post 7 of the 7 Unpopular Beliefs Series. Be As Disloyal As Possible! Personal Loyalty Yep. This is the part of being a human that has helped us survive for so long […]