Do You Know This Important Key To Output?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” “I should have know about this!” “If you’d have told me earlier, I would have had all of this ready!” Okay, I’ve said all this before—but it wasn’t until I heard a colleague say it that I realized something important. Sometimes, having information ahead of time really helps. A lot […]

Identify Your Happiness Behavior

We all know that material things don’t bring us lasting happiness. What’s interesting is that experiences seem to have more of an impact. (citation) When we’ve experienced something, we tend to make it part of our story. It’s also amplified by the power of social connection. It becomes part of our identity! Now here’s the […]

How Long Do I Have to Stick It Out?

Okay, so change happens over time. “Give it time” and “if you just work hard enough” have become common mantras. But how long do we have to suffer through “no pain, no gain” before we see results? If you’re talking about exercise it’s around 6-8 weeks. This is why everyone is in the gym in […]