The Hidden Economic Genius Of The Tequila Guy

This guy sang “Tequila” on America’s Got Talent. What you don’t know is the hidden economic genius of the Tequila guy who had the whole audience dying.

Why You Shouldn’t Turn Angry People Into Your Biggest Fans

One of my super powers is turning any angry customer into a raving fan. The only trouble is that sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it takes all day. An important realization about this: There’s the 5% of people who won’t be happy no matter what. Maybe it’s more, maybe it’s a little less—that’s not the […]

Don’t Be Like Rocky Balboa

It hurts me to say it, but it’s true. I’m even from the greater Philadelphia area. Don’t be like Rocky Balboa. He got his shot at the big time, and it’s true that he survived it—but he sustained some serious damage. He has brain trauma, he almost went blind, his friend Paulie lost all of […]