How To Get People To Follow You When They Disagree

I was talking with a client, once, about implementing a new protocol within his team. “How will we get people on board with this?” That question has a 2 part answer. Part 1 It helps if someone has done this before. ThisĀ is called evidence-based implementation and it may require hiring a consultant, doing a lot […]

One Reason You Should Avoid Productivity

You might be making one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Please don’t think productivity is the same as happiness. Checking off boxes may feel good, but it’s not the fuel for fulfillment. Do not presuppose that being productive with your time will create sustainable, long-term happiness. No job in the world is going […]

3 Quick Ways To Start Succeeding (That You Haven’t Heard Before)

Things you’ve already heard before: Work hard. Work on the right stuff. Spend every dollar like it’s your last. Start today. Things you haven’t heard before: Mimic characteristics of people who tend to get lucky and make them your mentors. Find a therapist who understands CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and hire them to help you understand […]