This 1 Thing That Will Always Mess You Up, Unless . . .

You can visualize how it will go. You can prepare. You can train, rehearse, and put in the time too see more cases. The only thing is when something unexpected happens. Even after you thought you’d seen it all, something new slips through the cracks and then what? Hasn’t this been what you’ve been training […]

The Simple Definition That Jolts Productivity

Why are you putting in the effort? Do enough to get the job doneā€”not to be perfect. 2 Minute Action: Ask yourself: What would happen if I stopped right now? What else could I do with my time? Would I be okay walking away? Is it really incomplete if you got what you needed from […]

What is Imposter Syndrome And How Do I Make It Go Away?

Something I’ve often felt when entering a new job or a new field is the fear of being a fraud. As if I were really three golden retrievers stacked up in a trench coat and someone was going to notice. The interesting truth is that it’s pretty common and it’s completely unfounded. Here’s everything you […]