The Boring, Unsexy Thing That Gives People Confidence

This one isn’t a fun one. You know how these posts go, by now. Sometimes it’s motivational, sometimes it’s metaphorical, a lot of the time it’s reflective and a little of the time it’s hyper¬†nitty-gritty detailed and tactical. No matter how the information gets out, it’s usually about doing more or increasing output. In general, […]

A Little Known Shortcut To Instantly Increasing Efficiency

You’re not going to like this one. It’s one of those “simple but not easy” idioms. If you want to increase your efficiency or productivity: Delete most of your tasks.   I get that this is a bit of a clickbait-y¬†headline, but stick with me. It’s important to focus on what matters. Email is everyone […]

What To Focus On When You’re Stuck

You know the feeling. It’s hard to come up with ideas. You’re waiting for something to happen. You stick to something you’ve done in the past even though it’s not working now. I don’t need to dive into it. One good way to get unstuck is to consider the work you’re afraid of. Making the […]