How Planning For The Future Can Hurt!

Just in case. In the future, we might need to connect our software to another app. In the future, we might need to accommodate this new type of encryption for transfers. In the future, we might need to have a data base setup for users to store this special information. Guess what? It’s now. It’s […]

The Practical Reason To Stop Planning and Dreaming

The life plan.  Lots of people make them or at least, dream of them.  Dreaming is fun, because you get to taste what things could be like.  The only catch is when you snap back to “reality” and continue to grind the same grind.  Dreaming is fun but without action: it’s just indulgence.  And to […]

How To Plan

Plan for reality Well, what does that mean? Here’s a list to get straight to the point: Define “done” Prioritize the work based on value to the project The map is not the terrain The plan is always wrong, A.K.A. your Gantt Chart Don’t plan years in advance, just enough to keep your teams at […]