How Planning For The Future Can Hurt!

Just in case.

In the future, we might need to connect our software to another app.

In the future, we might need to accommodate this new type of encryption for transfers.

In the future, we might need to have a data base setup for users to store this special information.

Guess what?

It’s now.

It’s not the future.

The time and resources you spend building something for 5 or 10 years down the road is most likely going to be wasted.

Its really hard to predict how many users, clients, customers, attendees, patients, or students you will have.

In fact, you will most certainly be wrong.

Stop future proof-ing your work.

Plan for the reasonable next steps, but STOP looking 5 or more years out and making tactical, EVERYDAY decisions based on what MIGHT happen.

Plan for the plan.

Then adapt to reality.

Don’t take action on all the things that might be.

2 Minute Action

Whats 1 thing that will make tomorrow easier?

It can be setting out your workout clothes for the morning.

It can be responding to an email or two tonight.

It can be looking at your calendar and setting up some tasks for tomorrow.

Pick one thing and go for it.

Front-load the work and you will hit the ground running.

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