1 Simple Way To See More Opportunities

Do you practice? Not just hobbies or things outside the scope of your work. I mean your work, too. Do you practice patience, assertiveness, and creativity? It goes without saying that if you’re not deliberately practicing, you won’t improve. So, how do you practice if it’s not a language or an instrument or a technique? […]

How To Climb A Slippery, 3,200’ Granite Wall With No Ropes

To most people, risk just looks like chance. Luck. Rolling the dice. But this isn’t how “lucky” people operate. The reality is, that while chance can play a role, most “lucky” people set themselves up to be that way. They practiced and practiced and practiced until they felt confident in their abilities. They had run […]

How Advice Doesn’t Help and Neither Do Principles Nor Theories

Advice: Don’t solve other people’s problems. Theory: Solving people’s problems robs them of their opportunity to grow. Principle: Helping people means giving them the chance to succeed for themselves. Action: “I can’t do this for you. You can do this and I believe in you.” There are a few things we can learn by taking […]