The Strange Lesson My Whiteboard Taught Me

I walked into my office today and saw some brainstorming I had done over a week ago. It was all over my whiteboard. It was a map that helped me see some of the dependencies and workflows in my team—visibility here is critical for making improvements. But then I realized that if I wiped it […]

What To Do When You Don’t Have Enough Time

I was talking to a friend yesterday about my projects. He caught me saying: “I’m spending this much time here, that much time there, and now I have no time left to do any of this other stuff that I want to do.” Yep. I said I didn’t have enough time. Ouch. That’s one of […]

You’d Be Surprised At How Many People Make This Productivity Mistake

You walk in and instead of confidently starting on your prioritized “to-do” list, you start responding to emails, fielding help-desk tickets from customers, taking phone calls, and diving into whatever is pressing on your attention at that moment. You’ll never be in control of your project if you always feel like a slave to the […]