Understand These 3 Concepts And Move On From Anything

Sometimes you just take a beating. It’s not always because of anything you can control—it’s just part of operating in a world with other sentient beings and physical forces. Pretending it didn’t hurt or avoiding the process of understanding where the pain comes from just makes it worse later on. What’s difficult is spending your […]

The Process For Getting The Impossible Change We All Seek

It’s the hardest thing anyone can do. It takes time, persistence, courage, and keeping calm. The strange thing is that more and more people do it everyday. Have you ever climbed Mt. Everest? The first few times, there were no ropes, no sherpas, no handbooks, no technical boots, no wind proof synthetic down jackets. But […]

The Surprising Reality About Following Rules

I’ve never liked rules. They tend to get in the way of things like fun. Depending on the context, rules often create friction that slows even well-intentioned progress. I made a decision years ago that is now showing up again in my life. I made the decision to follow my own rules. I try to […]