The Hidden Economic Genius Of The Tequila Guy

This guy sang “Tequila” on America’s Got Talent. What you don’t know is the hidden economic genius of the Tequila guy who had the whole audience dying.

Where To Focus During A Pandemic

I’m seeing a lot of emails and webinars on how to stay productive, how to focus, and how to set up your desktop space to maximize productivity during the COVID pandemic. I’m not sure that they all address an underlying root issue, though: where to focus during a pandemic. I’m not saying they’re bad, I […]

The LEGO® Productivity Secret You Didn’t Know Existed

Do you remember building with LEGO® when you were a kid? Do you remember any lessons? I bet you read this headline and said: “No one gave ME no LEGO® productivity secret!” Here’s why . . . There’s this strange notion that taking on big challenges is how people achieve big things. Of course, this […]