How To Know If Your Project Is Broken And 3 Ways To Fix It

When faced with a workload, there are basically 3 ways to address it. You can slash tasks and agree to get less done. You can increase your capacity to do the tasks, which may mean hiring people and taking on overhead costs. You can automate and streamline processes to make work with existing resources get […]

You Might Be Delusional, Here’s How

Have you ever heard “if you can believe than you can achieve?” How about “if you can dream it you can do it?” In these cases, belief is actually just a combination of trust and visibility. Let me explain: Trust is the reputation you have with yourself for executing things. If you have executed, followed […]

How To Plan

Plan for reality Well, what does that mean? Here’s a list to get straight to the point: Define “done” Prioritize the work based on value to the project The map is not the terrain The plan is always wrong, A.K.A. your Gantt Chart Don’t plan years in advance, just enough to keep your teams at […]