Do You Know This Important Key To Output?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” “I should have know about this!” “If you’d have told me earlier, I would have had all of this ready!” Okay, I’ve said all this before—but it wasn’t until I heard a colleague say it that I realized something important. Sometimes, having information ahead of time really helps. A lot […]

A Surefire Way To Never Achieve A Goal

I recently heard someone report on a project they were working on. “Today, I’m working on this,” they said. “I’m getting there.” This is the kiss of death in the Agile framework. It’s not specific, it doesn’t give you any new information, and it doesn’t tell you when it will be done. It’s easy to […]

The Hotel Room Trick

You paid for the hotel room. It includes a lot of stuff. A bed, sheets, towels, new soaps every day. It also includes the man/hrs required to clean your room every time to leave. Have you ever met someone who insists on cleaning up after themselves in a hotel room? The point I’m making here […]