Why You Should Stop Focusing On Productivity

Most people who talk about productivity, motivation, goals, or learning end up talking about one thing:   tasks.   Most people are focused on how to do more tasks faster. Most people are figuring out how to turn gears faster in a gearbox. Please understand that this is your life. You’ve got this one and […]

Ask This Question and Avoid A Life of Regret

Not sure whose job it is? Take the ball. Unsure how to get the work done? Take the ball. Waiting for someone to tell you to start? Take the ball. Basically, it comes down to control and ownership. If you decide to take ownership over something, it psychologically falls into your field of “stuff I […]

Why Your Life Doesn’t Look Successful

I recently noticed that many of my friends and family are making more money than me, taking vacations to exotic places, having babies, buying houses, and starting families.   I’m 29 and most of my Facebook Newsfeed is 3 things:   People getting married People having a baby People getting a dog   After a […]