The Brain Hack From The 60s That Still Works Today

Your brain works on a reward circuit. Stimulus. Behavior. Reward. That’s the cycle. Example: You see the living room is dirty and kinda smelly. You spray Febreeze. It smells fantastic. That’s the whole cycle and its part of everything we do as humans. No matter what you want to do, you will need to face […]

The Unusual Reason Listerine Is So Successful

Upgrade to Premium! Sign up for updates! Follow us on social media! How many times have you gotten this within 2 seconds of hitting a new website or page? How bad is that? We just met! Now you want me to upgrade? I haven’t even used your product yet! The first interaction someone has with […]

The Most Helpful Thing You Can Do For Someone

The best thing you can do for someone you work with, your partner, your client, your pastor, or your Uber driver isn’t what you think. It’s about providing honest, useful feedback. It needs to come from a place of collaboration. When you respond with collaboration in mind, it’s easier to use the right words and […]