What Is Emotional Productivity And How Is It Changing Lives?

You owe it to the people you love. You owe it to the people you respect. You owe it to the people you want to help. Of course, it’s uncomfortable. You won’t pick all the right words. You might not even make sense for the first minute or two. But it’s your responsibility to make […]

1 Sentence To Get Past Any Difficult Conversation With Honesty

You feel it but you don’t want to say it. You might hurt them. You might say the wrong thing. No matter what words you pick or what tone you use, whatever comes out of your mouth is going to be interpreted by the lens of the receiver. You’re allowed to try to get it […]

Dear Valued Customer

Dear Valued Customer, We appreciate your business.  Your call is important to us.  We value your feedback.  Have you ever gotten one of these emails? Or have you ever been told this on the phone while waiting for 3 hours for Verizon to pick up your call? You’re better than that.  No one has ever […]