Dear Valued Customer

Dear Valued Customer, We appreciate your business.  Your call is important to us.  We value your feedback.  Have you ever gotten one of these emails? Or have you ever been told this on the phone while waiting for 3 hours for Verizon to pick up your call? You’re better than that.  No one has ever […]

This Bothered Me So Much . . . I Had To Share It

I’m up at night thinking about it. I’m working all day thinking about it. I can’t stop myself from talking to others about it. It’s the one factor that matters more than anything else. It matters more than hard work, aptitude, attitude, or background. It’s how much you care. It’s my life’s work to help […]

The Untaught Skill That Manifests Respect and Success

It’s one of the most critical skills to help you advance in any domain and they don’t teach it in school. It’s not Math, English, or Science. It’s not even Social Studies, Chem, or Business. It’s the skill that will help you negotiate with a boss. It’s the skill that will help you turn an […]