This Pattern Behavior Will Make Or Break You

You wake up. You check your phone. You eat breakfast. You check Instagram. You get to work. You check email. See the pattern? If you’re reacting to notifications, you’re letting other people use up your day. Set your boundaries and set your schedule or others will do it for you. Someone is in control. It’s […]

Why Do You Take Things So Personally?

There’s this sudden impulse when someone criticises you. It can happen without criticism, too. In fact, it can happen even when you’re not even involved. The sound of it goes something like this: “Who does she think she is? She’s not better than me.” “I work harder than he does, I don’t know why he’s […]

If You React, You’ll Always Fail

What happens when someone criticizes your idea, writing, or product? Do you get defensive? When you’re listening to the blasphemer who is bashing your hard work, are you just waiting for your turn to talk? Are you listening to win? The sooner you regulate that emotion and start listening to understand, the sooner you’ll be building […]