What To Do When Your Work Sucks

It’s true. You’re not always going to perform at your peak. That’s the thing about peaks. It’s the next thing, after the peak, that’s the most important, though. It’s what you do when you are no longer at your best. Guess what? Here’s the unpopular and kinda scary answer: Do it anyway. Unless a lot […]

Do You Have An Origin Story

Peter Parker was bitten by a radio active spider. It gave him super strength, a spidey sense, and web throwing abilities. At first, the power gave the teen a much needed sense of control and confidence over his life. It wasn’t until his Uncle Ben died that he realized that this new found power made […]

Don’t Be This Person

They bought the headband. They bought the Bowflex. They bought the water bottle. They bought the yoga mat and the kettlebells, and the resistance bands. But somehow, despite all this hot new gear . . . They’re out of shape, they never show up, or they just plain suck at tennis. Whether it’s on the field, […]