Most People Do This And It’s Killing Them

I should have invested earlier. I should be further along on this project than I am. I should known an emergency might happen. Have you heard yourself talk like this before? It’s known as “shoulding all over yourself.” Unless there is a lesson you can learn and apply to the future, this kind of thinking […]

Can You Guess Which Of These Are In Your Control?

I didn’t know there were so many advantages for a first time home-buyer. I didn’t know that if I had started investing at age 18, I would have 10 times as much saved as I do now. I didn’t know that I could have just asked for a raise. I didn’t know that there were […]

This Distinction Will Kill You or Make You Bulletproof

Let’s be clear about something. Analyzing the past can be useful, but ruminating is not. Pay attention to how you felt, but when anxiety or fear overcomes your ability to act in the present–you’re in big trouble. It’s here in this moment that you’ve got a chance to realize that something’s not right and that’s […]