8 Things School Didn’t Teach You That You Need To Know

The skills you were taught in school are mostly not that useful anymore. You don’t need to know that the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. You don’t need to know that Neptune is a gas planet. You don’t need to know that an isoscolese triangle has two sides of equal length. What you […]

Are You Missing Out On The Unsexy Part of Your Work

We can probably agree that the sexy part of being a leader or a business owner or a doctor or an artist or a musician is not typically the whole job. There are early mornings, bad customers, emergency surgeries, writer’s blocks, budget cuts, and furloughs. There are many unsexy parts of work that matters but […]

You’re Not As Good (or as Bad) As You Think

There’s something strange that our brains do. We tend to hyperbolize how we’re feeling in one direction or another. Either we’re having a great day or a terrible one. It’s a good hair day or a bad hair day. Our team is either winning or losing. The truth is much more boring. If we just […]